Baboosh! Brand Impact Journey


The Baboosh! Brand Impact Journey is a co-creation framework and program that will transform your ambitious business into a captivating brand in just 12 simple steps.


An affordable solution for your brand, to get access to big brand thinking with some of the industry’s greatest talents , without the extortionate investment often needed.


So many of us independent businesses get seriously overwhelmed at the thought of launching or staying visible in a saturated market. Many business owners struggle to effectively engage, connect or keep their customers coming back, which ultimately costs them and their companies thousands if not millions in lost revenue.


The Baboosh! Brand Impact Journey will give you the framework, tools, expertise and support to build your solid brand foundations, unlock your brand’s true potential and share the magic that is buried within to lead you to your success.


Whether you choose to join our 12 week supported group program or our one to one bespoke offering, we have a solution for any purpose led business who wants to make true impact and build a brand that everyone is proud to be a part of.


Set Ambition

Let’s blow away the brain fog and get some clarity. Setting your ambition will take your pipe dream and design it into your reality. Knowing what the future could look like with your vision, mission and objectives, will focus and motivate you and your team, as well as give you clarity on your vision of success and how you will achieve it.


Understand People

One of the most essential steps, is to really go deep on understanding your audience and their physical and emotive challenges and motivations. It’s the difference between TALKING AT your audience and LISTENING TO them. You will find that if you do this piece of work thoroughly that it will be the deal breaker between failure and success.


Find Difference

How do you stand out from the crowd and not fade into the noise? Do your research on your competitors and market and find your white space. Do not be tempted to copycat others. Find your difference and sing it from the roof tops. Be unique, be true, be you.


Define Brand

Together we explore the beating heart of your brand. Because the ‘why’ you exist before profit, is the way to soften and humanise your brand. It’s the key to connecting with your audience on a deeper level.


Craft Stories

Don’t know where to even start with your story? Well, let’s start by saying it isn’t all about you. Like Donald Miller the famous brand practitioner advises; Invite your audience into your story and make THEM the super hero of your masterpiece. With you as their guide to success, you will provide a shortcut from their minds straight to the heart.


Shape Character

Shaping your brand behaviours to align with your target audience’s, will humanise your brand and create a persona that your audience rather likes hanging out with! With the right brand personality and tone of voice, they won’t just want to know you, they will probably want to be your Best Friend Forever!


Live Values

When thinking about your values it is not enough to give lip service and say what you think your audience wants to hear. If you don’t live what you say about your brand at every touchpoint  – watch out you are in big trouble! To ensure authenticity and to gain trust, we start to think about social impact and putting your values into action. Remember values aren’t just about looking good, they are about feeling good too.


Foster Culture

We all want for a motivated and aligned team firing on all cylinders. Ensuring all of our brand work is fostered into our culture, is vital to showing our customers that we don’t just say words we do actually take action.


Equip Stakeholders

You may feel like you are working alone, and can’t get others to share your vision. We can only expect stakeholders or employees to reflect your brand, and behave in a certain way, if you give them the necessary assets to learn and immerse. We ensure you document all your brand building work, ready to immerse everyone that works on, with or in your business.


Develop Campaigns

So many brands are scrabbling for content and writing meaningless communication. This is the time to take your brand thinking and put it into action in the real world. To create captivating campaign ideas from what you have learned about your audience and in line with what you have created as a brand. Keep it relevant, execute it correctly and hello people!


Plan Content

We all hate feeling disorganised, randomly putting out content that is ill considered. This is the time to flesh out what your content plan looks like that relates to your new campaigns. Be creative, bounce ideas and know when and what you are doing.


Prepare Launch

Timing is everything! And disorganised chaos achieves nothing apart from a headache. Create a launch marketing calendar which gives an overview of your campaigns, world events etc to be able to see clearly what your next 6 months plan looks like.

You will relish in your new organisational bliss.

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