12 Simple Steps to Building a Brand with Impact

So many of us independent businesses get serious overwhelm at the thought of launching or staying visible in a saturated market.

So much to do, so little time – where do we start?
How do we connect with our audience?
Oh crikey which channels to market? Engaging content?!
What if we fail?

We start throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Frantically scramble around for content to go up because we feel we have to.

We waste money on marketing that doesn’t work or get engagement.

We can’t see the wood from the trees.

It’s overwhelm, overwhelm, overwhelm!

Let’s breathe in for three and out for four and follow these 12 simple steps.

Setting your ambitions, vision and goals will take your pipe dream, and design it into your reality.
let’s blow away the brain fog and get some clarity on what your future could look like.

Truly understanding your people, will stop you from talking AT them and will empower you to listen TO them. This will be the deal breaker between failure and success.

Finding your difference, helps you to stand out from the crowd and not fade into the noise.
Be unique, be true, be you.

Defining your brand, and exploring the ‘why’ you exist before profit is the key to soften and humanise your brand, connecting with your audience on a far deeper level.

Crafting your story and inviting your audience into the script, will take you from being front of mind to centre heart.

Shaping your character will humanise your brand and create a persona that your audience rather likes hanging out with!

Living out your values will ensure authenticity and trust internally and externally
remember values aren’t just about looking good, they are about feeling good too.

Fostering your culture makes for a motivated and aligned team firing on all cylinders.
This is vital to showing customers that you don’t just say words you actually take action.

Equipping your stakeholders and sharing your vision with others should be an immersive process. Vital for on brand, consistent delivery. Working together towards one common goal…

STEP 10.
Developing your campaigns so that they are both creative and relevant, keeping communications inspiring and authentic.

STEP 11.
Planning content that is captivating and cohesive will dispel any feeling of disorganisation and random output.

STEP 12.
Preparing your launch timing is everything! And disorganised chaos achieves nothing apart from a headache. Create a marketing calendar which gives an overview see clearly what your next 6 months plan looks like. You will relish in your new organisational bliss.


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