Building A Brand

We have all seen the success behind the brands that really invest in their brand building.

We can’t argue with it.

It is rare that they solve people’s biggest problems based on their product exclusively,
because there are thousands of the exact same products.

They work on the emotive, the aspirational and deeper rooted problems, they do a lot of work to really understand our behaviours, feelings and mindset.

The most intelligent thing about it is, that it is all very subconscious so we probably don’t even realise it.

For example.

Coke’s campaigns tie into happiness and feeling.

Nike inspires with its association to athletes.

Red Bull aligns itself and is now known for adventure, extreme and outdoor sports.

Range Rover – Emulates luxury and the feeling of success.

I could go on.

Strip out the brand building work and they are just another



and car

Oh and in a saturated market of other drinks, trainers and cars.

Brand building doesn’t happen overnight
and it doesn’t come without care and responsibility,
however, building the brand foundations is the difference between short term and long term success and is the first step you should take to;

  • Ensure clarity on your vision, market and direction for all the team to work towards and feel motivated by.
  • To create stories and a narrative that inspire and captivate an audience to grow your business.
  • To shape behaviours and beliefs that connect with your people both internally and externally.
  • Build a community of people that stand by you and look up to you.

If you don’t – you are just another cola, sat on the shelf collecting dust.

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